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  • Kate Daniels

    After a professional career as a management consultant, Kate has decided to follow her dream and set up this smallholding business. Kate works full time for Little Black Pig at Willow Farm, and is the first point of contact for any enquiries you may have.  Currently studying for a National Diploma in Agriculture, Kate is facinated to be exploring the history of mixed rotational farming and thinking about how its principles can be applied at Willow Farm - in the interests of the livestock and the land.

  • Ali

    By day a Registered General Nurse serving the community in Evesham and Pershore, by night (and at weekends, and often first thing in the morning) a dedicated smallholder and very much a partner in the running of Willow Farm. Ali has many years of nursing experience and has surprised herself by her level of passion and commitment to the project at Willow Farm. Ali enjoys taking an active part in the practical work on the farm, being able to lend her hand to driving the tractor, cleaning out the chickens and trimming the sheeps feet, amongst other things. Ali has always been interested in high quality produce, and especially enjoys cooking, knowing that the food has been produced locally and that animal welfare has been of exceptionally high standards.

  • James

    James joined the Willow Farm team in December 2010. He has a Higher National Diploma in Agriculture, and a proper job with an agricultural engineering and contracting business. When things break down James is the man who comes to the rescue!

  • Peter and Susan

    Kate's Mum and Dad provide first line support for all eventualities: extra bodies for rounding up sheep, greenhouse facilities for bringing on seedlings, jam and chutney making, laundry facilities, emotional support etc etc. In addition both are important parts of the egg distribution network: Peter provides eggs to friends and colleagues at St. Richards Hospice where he is an active volunteer and Susan supplies the congregation of St. Peter's Church in Droitwich.

  • Emma, Ian and the kids

    Kate's sister Emma lives in Droitwich with her family. Someone from the family (usually Kate's 6 year old nephew Daniel) can usually be found at the farm at the weekend. Emma can turn her hand to most things and the kids are always happy to lend a hand tending the chickens or moving the sheep. Daniel came up every day in the Christmas holidays to drag hay to the sheep on a sledge in all that snow.

  • Jenny and John

    Kate's sister Jenny and her husband live in Warwick. They provide support where they can - selling meat and eggs, and are an invaluable source of both practical and business advice. John is currently studying blacksmithing at nightschool, so when that weather-vane appears you will know where it came from.

  • ...And everybody else!

    In addition we have friends and family from around the country who pitch up for a weekend every now and then to help with particular projects like tree planting, pig ark building, and the big autumn strim! Special mention should go to Rhian who is a skilled joiner and comes up every couple of months to lend a hand.