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Introducing our flock

We bought our small foundation flock from friends of ours in Derbyshire. This was made up of 3 ewes with their 6 lambs(3 of each sex) along with Kermit their Ryeland ram. They have all adapted very well to moving to Worcestershire. We then went to the Ryeland annual show and sale and bought 3 more ewes in the Autumn 2010, to expand our breeding flock.

Over the next few years we hope to expand our breeding flock up to 20 ewes by keeping all good ewe lambs. This means we will be introducing a new ram, in the Autumn.

The wethers (castrated males) lambs will go to make half hogget freezer packs at a year old.

We intend processing the fleeces into knitting wool, so fish out those needles from the back of your cupboard!

Breed history

The Ryeland sheep is one of the oldest of British Sheep breeds, going back seven centuries when the monks of Leominster in Herefordshire bred sheep and grazed them in the rye pastures, giving them their name.They were considered to have the finest wool of all British breeds of the time. Queen Elizabeth I was given 'Lemster' wool stockings and liked them so much that from then on she insisted only on 'Lemster' Ryeland wool.

By the early 20th Century Ryeland sheep had almost died out. The Ryeland Society was established in 1903 to help maintain and promote the breed. The Ryeland has gone from strength to strength and has recently lost its minority breed status.