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We have various cuts of pork, lamb, hogget and mutton on the counter in our Farm Shop all year round (exaclty what depends upon the season), and our Master Butcher cuts meat for us once a week - so if you have any special requirements these can be catered for. Some of our popular pork products are listed below:

Sausages: £9.00 per kg

Our award winning traditional sausage that leaves the meat to speak for itself. A relatively fine texture and skins that melt in your mouth. Our best repeat warned these are very more-ish sausages and we recommend you buy in bulk to avoid disappointment. Yes I'd Like Some

Speciality Sausages: £9.50 per kg

We do flavoured sausages (honey and mustard, chilli and coriander, tomato etc.) and can make large batches to order. We usually have one or two speciality sausages on the counter in our Farm Shop

We also make gluten free sausages and sausage meat - again large batches can be made fresh to order, or we usually have a few packs in the freezer.

Home Made Faggots: £3.00 per pack of 4 (400g appx)

A regional speciality made to our own special recipe, a family favourite tea: faggots in gravy with peas and mash.  Yes I'd Like Some!

The Thirty Quid Box: £30!

A pot luck box made up of 5kg of pork which could include chops, joints, mince, diced leg Yes I'd Like One!

The Best Bits Box: £85

For those of you with less freezer space we can offer a box with some of the highlights of our pork products. Two leg joints, two pounds of sausages, a pound of sausage meat, 6 pork chops, a pound of pork mince, 6 handmade faggots, 1 belly joint. Yes I'd Like One!

1/2 Pig Freezer Pack: £180

The most cost effective way for you to buy your pork. Butchered to your exact specifications this is a very flexible product. Try some of those cuts you don't usually buy - use our recipe pages to help you to experient. Our Middle White x British Saddleback Pigs produce about 65lbs weight in half a pig (although this can be reduced depending on your butchery requirements), which equates to about three drawers in a standard freezer. Many of our customers share their 1/2 pig with friends or neighbours. Yes I'd Like One!

To help illustrate what you can get in a freezer pack here's a quick tour of the pig:

Shoulder: Makes 3-4 great roasting joints depending on the size of your family.  Our personal favourite is a whole boned rolled shoulder for a feast for 20 or so people. Alternatively you can sacrifice a joint or two to produce diced pork for caserole or minced pork for burgers or meat balls. We can also make sausagemeat or sausages from some of your shoulder, although this does carry a small charge to cover the extra labour and materials.

Loin: This is where the chops come from - about 13 chops in a whole loin. The loin can also be roasted and the meat is very sweet, specifiy a loin joint if you prefer this.

Leg: The premium roasting joints. Again 3-4 joints depending on your size preference. Some people like a cut known as the tenderloin or fillet (about 8 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter) we can provide this, by sacraficing a little of your "best end" leg joint.

Belly: A fantastic slow roasting joint. We can provide two belly joints or many customers like a belly joint plus strips of belly that can be cooked like spare ribs. Some people like the bones removing - others like them kept really is up to you.

"Fifth Quarter": Like marmite people seem to love or hate offal (we're in the love camp..for marmite and offal). We can leave it out if it offends you, but your half pig can also include: kidney, half a liver, heart (they're in so little demand you can have a whole one!), and for the very adventurous we can provide lung.

Other bits: Hocks and trotters, heads and ears. We can include or leave out as you prefer.


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