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What you need

Eggs (2 per person is about right but it depends how hungry you are)

A bit of butter

Salt and ground black pepper

Fresh chives (optional)

How you do it

OK this is all about low heat and taking your time. This is a great quick meal....and its still quick even if you take the time to get the eggs perfect.

Get a heavy bottomed pan. On the lowest light you can manage melt a knob of butter in the pan.

Crack your eggs into a jug or cup to avoid getting shell in the pan.

Stab the yolk of each egg with a fork to break the yolk.

Tip the eggs into the pan and season with a little salt and pepper.

Mix the yolk and whites using a wooden spoon in a whisking action.

Once mixed KEEP STIRRING. Do not be tempted away from your pan for any reason. If the kids start fighting or the doorbell goes or you want to butter your toast: remove the pan from the heat. When the crisis is over you can resume your stirring.

When the mixture is just a bit wetter than you want it (this is when you think aha its nearly ready) turn it off. If you have an electric hob make sure you move the pan off the hot ring. The eggs are hot and will continue cooking. Give the mix another good stir and prepare to serve.

This is a good time to quickly chop your chives into little bits.

Turn out your eggs onto hot buttered toast and then put a bit more black pepper on top and sprinkle with chivey bits.